Over 5


Vash is already over 5 years old… our little furbaby is not really a baby anymore. These past years with the addition of two human babies to our family has made it a bit difficult for Vash. Afterall, he got all the attention and now he has to share the love, not to mention get chased around by crazy energetic kids who want to grab his tail!

However, I think Vash is still doing well and I hope over time I will be able to devote more time to him, too. It’s not easy being mom to so many cute babies!


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A Long Overdue Update

Wow, I can’t believe so much time has passed! Vash is doing well, albeit getting mega hairy and ungroomed. It seems like a never-ending battle when it comes to his crazy coat. We taking him for stripping regularly, but the in between time is always difficult to manage. He’s a feisty dog who likes to jump into the grass and roll around the most dirty spot he can find… of course! It’s hard to keep him looking white… oh well… natural dogs unite, right?!


So here are some snaps of Vash in all his non-white glory… our furbaby!

P5111016 P5111019 P5121036 P5121051 P5121055 P5121057 P5121061

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Vash and A Sunny Day

Oh my! I’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood, but Vash will always be the first baby in our family. We had a freak couple of sunny days, so it was perfect for a photoshoot with Vash. As always playing with his favorite green ball. I wonder how long it will last?!

LTieu-Vash1 LTieu-Vash2 LTieu-Vash3 LTieu-Vash4 LTieu-Vash5 LTieu-Vash6 LTieu-Vash7

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Oh, Vash!

It’s inevitable… when there’s a new baby in the house, the furbaby gets a bit neglected. However, we have been trying our best to keep up and play with Vash as much as possible. He still gets a lot of attention in the end… but there’s an obvious difference. Poor boy.


Thankfully, here in Italy it’s not as inconvenient to take your dog with your everywhere. Most all restaurants are okay with it, plus he’s a good boy and just sits under the table. Sometimes Vash will wait in the car a bit, but just a few minutes with me in the car… if we stop to pick something up.


Walkies are probably longer since we bring the baby… so perhaps there are some perks for the furbaby in the end…

Vash2 Vash3

Sometimes I wonder what Vash is thinking… he has the funniest faces and expressions. Is he sad or wanting more from us?

Vash4 Vash5

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Hot Summer


Although it seemed like a mild summer, the excruciating heat is finally here… eek! Vash usually zonks out for the whole day when it’s so hot… he doesn’t even want to play. The only good thing is that the heat means westie tongue sticking out and that’s cute… LOL!


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Groomed Westie

Even more important in the summer to be groomed. Even though Vash dreads the whole experience, I think he must like the results and prizes after the fact. See the before and after…



He looks like a younger dog – LOL! Love our little cute westie… and the latest game is to play with the ball on top of the sun chair thingy. Vash bops it with his nose across the chair – like ping pong for dogs!



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I’m cute, so feed me!

This is Vash giving us his cutest little pity me look. It’s because we are bbq-ing and he pretty much expects to get some grilled chicken… spoiled, eh?


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Happy Lovely Weather

Forgot to share this cute photo of Vash crawling at the park in the margherita flowers… oh happy lovely weather it is… I hope it lasts!

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Daily Life Routine

Day by day we are getting closer to a routine here at home, with baby and Vash. There are days when the baby is fussy and I’m so glad that Vash goes to sleep by himself… LOL! Even though our pets are dependent on us, they are also independent in so many ways – at least Westies are, right?


We are definitely happy about the sunnier weather and Vash looks so darn cute in the green grass. The contrast definitely makes him look whiter, even though his coat is definitely a light gray/brown… ahha… we really need to make an appointment for his stripping.


We spend most of our time at home and outside on the terrace because I can’t handle baby and Vash by myself. But on the weekends we go out together with dad… I think Vash likes it a lot!


At home, Vash still loves cold cuts and can smell it from a mile away… “there’s meat on the table for me, I know it…”


There’s definitely a different between having a pet and having a baby – obviously there’s no comparison, although many couples take on the responsibility of a pet before they have kids. A trial period, perhaps?


For now, I often think that Vash is so much more manageable than the kid – LOL! Happy Mother’s Day to me… I’m grateful to have both little babies in my life. It’s hard work to be a mom, but worth it. Totally.

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Two babies in the house

Sadly I have not been keeping up with updates… the days really do fly by with two babies in the house – one human baby and one furbaby 😛 It’s amazing how the breastfeeding schedule breaks up the day so much – it’s like deja vu all the time – didn’t I just do this?! LOL.



I really can’t complain though and Vash has been the best Westie brother ever. He’s very attentive and hangs around to make sure we are tending to the baby when he cries. Sometimes I think Vash is looking at me thinking, “Hey, do something, the baby is crying!” Often it does seem like Vash is guarding our little one…


I’m sure Vash doesn’t mind going out for extra walkies… even though it’s a bit of a challenge to get him to walk next to the stroller properly!


There are moments when it seems that Vash is jealous of the baby, but in a cute way. He just wants more cuddles and some attention as well. I think we do a pretty good job in balancing it all and luckily we have a lot of people that visit us regularly, so Vash gets lots of love.


He’ll always be our first little baby. Funny how recently we met another couple with a Westie and they said that as they get older they want more lovey doveyness… haha!


It can be challenging at times to go out with two little ones to care for… but it’s worth it to see them all so happy and playing… that’s what life is all about, right? Going out and enjoying times together.


Now that the weather is warmer here in Italy we are starting to have more BBQs… so Vash is super happy about that. He just can’t have enough grilled chicken… sitting there waiting patiently for his BBQ meals :) Lucky dog!

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