Our household has been in the waiting stage this month, I’m 40 weeks and totally excited and anxious for the baby to arrive. I’m not sure if Vash notices anything really… he doesn’t seem to care much that my tummy is ginormous now. I suppose there will be some jealousy, but he’s our first fur-baby… so it’s not like he’s going to be out of the picture!


I realize also that he is not so groomed these days… oops! We haven’t been able to get an appointment at a new place that could strip him, so time has just been flying by. Although the breeder always says that it’s something that bothers us humans more than the dogs. Vash never seems happy to be groomed, combed, bathed or cleaned in any way – hehe!


Vash and his Dad are super buddies and they like to take naps together. Doesn’t Vash look like a little baby himself?


Perhaps he does know something is going on with the changes in the house and new baby items. Maybe he is waiting as well.


Our days are pretty routine with walks, playtime and such…


He still loves his green ball more than anything else, although with the cold weather I’ve been trying to convince him to play inside more often. Not much luck really…


I’m just realizing that I have a lot of sleeping photos of Vash… and although he’s a pretty home-ish dog, it’s just that taking photos are easier when he’s stationary!  Otherwise it’s just a white blur…

LTieu-vash7-blogimagePlus, I always think it’s so cute when he’s sleeping. On top of my stuff, wherever that looks like a nice spot to plop down… silly dog.

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  1. Stef says:

    Do we have a baby??? Can’t wait to hear all about Vash’s new sibling. 🙂

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