Daily Life Routine

Day by day we are getting closer to a routine here at home, with baby and Vash. There are days when the baby is fussy and I’m so glad that Vash goes to sleep by himself… LOL! Even though our pets are dependent on us, they are also independent in so many ways – at least Westies are, right?


We are definitely happy about the sunnier weather and Vash looks so darn cute in the green grass. The contrast definitely makes him look whiter, even though his coat is definitely a light gray/brown… ahha… we really need to make an appointment for his stripping.


We spend most of our time at home and outside on the terrace because I can’t handle baby and Vash by myself. But on the weekends we go out together with dad… I think Vash likes it a lot!


At home, Vash still loves cold cuts and can smell it from a mile away… “there’s meat on the table for me, I know it…”


There’s definitely a different between having a pet and having a baby – obviously there’s no comparison, although many couples take on the responsibility of a pet before they have kids. A trial period, perhaps?


For now, I often think that Vash is so much more manageable than the kid – LOL! Happy Mother’s Day to me… I’m grateful to have both little babies in my life. It’s hard work to be a mom, but worth it. Totally.

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2 Responses to Daily Life Routine

  1. Stef says:

    Happy Mothers day!!!

  2. Tony M says:

    I too have a Westie! He’s famous now ever since the iPaw: http://www.tmandarano.com/ipaw-a-new-breed-is-coming-to-apples-wwdc-2013-2/

    Would love for you to share!

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