Oh, Vash!

It’s inevitable… when there’s a new baby in the house, the furbaby gets a bit neglected. However, we have been trying our best to keep up and play with Vash as much as possible. He still gets a lot of attention in the end… but there’s an obvious difference. Poor boy.


Thankfully, here in Italy it’s not as inconvenient to take your dog with your everywhere. Most all restaurants are okay with it, plus he’s a good boy and just sits under the table. Sometimes Vash will wait in the car a bit, but just a few minutes with me in the car… if we stop to pick something up.


Walkies are probably longer since we bring the baby… so perhaps there are some perks for the furbaby in the end…

Vash2 Vash3

Sometimes I wonder what Vash is thinking… he has the funniest faces and expressions. Is he sad or wanting more from us?

Vash4 Vash5

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