Sad news

It has been too long, I know. After becoming a mom to little humans, I have definitely neglected this furbaby. Of course, it’s hard to divide one’s time between all the people we love, it often feels like there just isn’t enough time.

My little human ones are 4 and 2 years old and my furbaby Vash is 6 years 8 months at this point. I obviously haven’t updated on him in a long time.

Generally, things have been okay. We go on walkies and although sometimes it felt like another chore, it was really a joy for me, to get out and walk around the neighborhood and get some downtime. Vash has always been a trooper with a wagging tail, having fun in our daily routines. As he grew older, I suppose was generally less active, actually he’s always been quite a calm dog. Surprising for a Westie, I suppose. It’s only when there’s a cat or lizard that he goes nuts!

Unfortunately, a couple weeks of ago, we noticed he started slowly down and not wanting to jump. Then he got a high fever. He was on medication and it seemed like things were getting better. But after the meds finished, we have in serious pain again. It was obvious that something else was going on. He didn’t want to move, because he was in pain and he would stand still with his head down.

After multiple vet visits, we have confirmation from two different vets that he has a herniated cervical disc. Ouch.

He is on painkillers to help get through the days, but we have an appointment to get an MRI and see where we go from there. Obviously, surgery is the option the vets talk about.

I don’t know if it’s a business thing or whatever, but surgery is never something to enter into lightly. I want to take him to acupuncture before resorting to surgery. He is still walking and when on meds, he can go for walkies and seems almost normal.

But we carry him up and down stairs just to reduce the impact and try to reduce the chance of him worsening his conditioning.

It’s a scary journey and heartbreaking to see him in pain. It’s so sad when it seems like your own dog is running away from you in pain, he doesn’t want to be petted or touched… and he can’t respond or tell us what is going on exactly.

It’s all very emotional, but I’m a practical person and trudging onward. If you have experience or knowledge to share about this issue for dogs, please let me know. Thanks!

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